how much should I sell my crocheted scarves?

Question by Sabrina: how much should I sell my crocheted scarves?
I make lots of scarves! I make them with 15 chains when starting the scarf. The scarves are 62 inches long. How much should I sell them for?

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Answer by ItsBitzo
A lady at the farmers market I go to also sells scarves, and I think she charges about $ 20 for them.

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  • Pamela Forbes says:

    around $ 15-20

  • DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    You have to compare your scarves to others available locally.
    People will pay a premium for luxury fibres such as cashmere or for something unusual. For anything similar to what’s easily available they buy the cheapest. You need to price yours to be competitive.

  • Angel says:

    thionk about this how much of yarn did you buy for the scarf.then add your hours to that price of the amount of the yarn then add a little extra to that price for your time and that how much u should sell the scarfs for

  • Mary says:

    This question gets asked a lot. here are some things that affect the asking price for crochet:

    where are you selling? A craft show will get better prices than a flea market. You’ll get more in Manhattan than you would in rural areas.

    how difficult is the pattern? If you have straight single crochet, it will not get as high a price as a complicated stitch that a casual crocheter may not be able to figure out how it was done.

    what type of yarn is it made from? Super Saver yarn or alpaca or fisherman’s wool.

    I would go to, find something comparable and then adjust your price keeping in mind the above variables.

  • Barbara says:

    First of all, you will NEVER get the full value of your product in the price of it… no matter how much you price it, people simply will not pay top dollar for it… so don’t even bother trying to get your time spent in making it back. You do need to be able to get the cost of the item back, so if you used a skein of yarn that cost $ 3, that would be your base price… then as other have suggested go and see what other people ar pricing their products at and be competitive, but don’t under-price either… Pricing is so varied… depends on the economy, where you live and what the item is… scarves I would sell for between $ 5 & $ 10…

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