Q&A: What’s the best way to set up at a flea market?

Question by pillowlady: What’s the best way to set up at a flea market?
I love making pillows and have alot to sell, at reasonable prices.How do I set up at our flea market to get attention and move my beloved pillows? I’m new to this.

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Answer by mom559

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  • swepe says:

    I think that one of the first things u should is 2 go to the flea market and see if anyone else has products like yours and if so c what they sell 4 that way u have a comparable price. U don’t want 2 be 2 high or 2 low. It’s about making money, profit, moolah 4 u. Make a large sign so customers can c that u make your own products and if u have business cards give them 2 people who stop at your table. Even if they don’t buy at that time it could be because of lack of cash or not what they want that day. However that doesn’t mean that a pillow or two didn’t catch their eyes. People don’t buy your product because they really like it all the time, if u present yourself in the right way as a business person with a good attitude and personality (smile always smile) u sell your product because u r selling yourself. Hope this helps.

  • LARA says:

    I always tried to get a space at the end of a row and arrange my tables so people could walk around rather than in my space and arranged my merchandise on different levels rather than flat.When people start at the entrance they usually go to the right, They may hesutate to buy any thing right away because they are waiting to see what else may be there, but they spend more time looking at the last booth and will have no trouble finding you if they want to come back,if you are the last in the lineI.If you have a walk in booth, it only takes a few people to fill it up and often they may stop and visit with others in your booth and no one can get in. With a walk around booth there is more display table area and browsers can walk around people who are just standing at your booth, Put up some boxes on the table at the back and drape them so that you can put pillows on top and lean others against the boxes to show them off better, I always took a lunch and a thermos of hot water to make instant coffe or tea, as I might not get a chance to leave the booth and the flea market food can be miserable. Keep some tissues in your pocket as the john may be out of toilet paper and take some handwipess ,too. A portable radio tuned to some good music can be helpful, too. Good luck !
    Beeen there , done that Lara

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