What is the most popular craft item that can be made at home and sold online?

Question by countrywoman: What is the most popular craft item that can be made at home and sold online?
I am looking to make a relatively simple but nice craft item that does not cost too much to make, can be made at home, but will be nice enough to sell online and possibly at flea markets, festivals, craft fairs, etc.. I am not extremely artistic, but willing to learn!

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Answer by Jen
I started doing hand painted wooden craft items this year and selling them online and at craft shows. I really enjoy doing it and it’s a nice little supplemental income here and there. I see A LOT of sewing/quilted items at shows as well as jewelry and that seems to always do well. Check out the Etsy website (www.etsy.com) and it show you a wide variety of different crafts as well as a great place to sell them once you get them going. Good luck!

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