Do you need a buisness license to sell at a flea market?

Question by Olive_3: Do you need a buisness license to sell at a flea market?
I have a storage shed full of stuff I’d like to get rid of without too much hassle. Does anyone know if California requires a license to sell at a flea market?
There is one in Stockton about 20min from where I live & there seem to be alot of people just selling used stuff there sometime, but I don’t know how one goes about renting a space to do so.
I tried to google the Flea Market for information but only one phone number is listed and it just rings forever without any machine or person picking up.
Any information about this is appreciated..


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Answer by cashmaker81
in FL, you don’t need the license unless you are actually in business. If it’s just something you do occassionally, no.

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