Can I sell baked goods at the flea market?

Question by scarllettskyy: Can I sell baked goods at the flea market?
Does anyone know what the rules are about selling home-made baked goods at farmers markets or flea markets or that kind of thing?? Do I need to have my kitchen inspected? Or are there exceptions? Does anyone out there do this?
I live in Reading, PA

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Answer by Lynn M
I can’t speak for the states, but in our province of Ontario, we’re not allowed to sell any cream type pies at things like that unless they can be refrigerated. Also our church ladies have been told everything they have to prepare for a dinner must be prepared on site and not transported from home already made. Where ever you intend to sell your baked goods will have rules set down that have to be followed concerning food prep and sales. My suggestion would be to contact these places directly and ask them. Different establishments may have varying rules. Good luck

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  • Dabbler says:

    Each state is different I would check with your local health department.

  • a says:

    I say yes. I live in New York City, people sell their bakes goods, fried goods, any goods, on the streets and fleamarkets everyday anywhere I look. And oh man they are my favorite. Like the delectable Dominican Pastelito. I work on 14th st. and pass by a street market everyday with baked goods, home made honey, home made bread etc. and they sell big time

  • Karen L says:

    You have to check your local regulations on this. Where I am, the local government has pretty specific guidelines about what you can and can’t sell that’s made in a home kitchen.

  • Ohiorganic says:

    Many states have “Cottage Industry” rules that allow people to make and sell certain items from their homes with no inspection. Check with your state dept of agriculture to see if PA has such rules. County health will be of no help here and will always tell you that you need to make these things in an inspected kitchen, even if you live in a state with Cottage Industry rules.

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