Q&A: How much can you make at a flea market? and what to sell?

Question by apple: How much can you make at a flea market? and what to sell?
I was thinking about selling things at a flea market.
I can bake homemade cinnamon rolls and cookies and things of this sort.. will those sell? How much should they be sold for if so?
I also have clothes and stuff.
I can also make bags… beach bag style bags..
I have other odds and ends and can make other things.
I just want to know what sells the best and what I should sell.

Best answer:

Answer by mahoneycuttnc2002
Depending on what you are selling, you can make hundreds of dollars.

It is difficult to know what will sell but follow these rules:

1. Make sure everything is clean (especially clothes).
2. Make sure everything works.
3. Price items to sell. The fewer things you have to take back home, the better. Check eBay for pricing.
4. Try to setup as close to the entrance of the flea market as possible. People have the most money when they enter the flea market.
5. Take care of yourself. You can sell something if you are making a food/drink run. Likewise, having someone there for bathroom breaks will be important. With that said, many flea markets will not let you sell/give away food so I wouldn’t waste time baking.
6. Take change. If someone only has a $ 50 bill, you might lose a sell if you can’t provide them change.
7. Presentation. Don’t expect people to dig through boxes and piles looking for items. The better things look, the quicker they’ll sell.

Mike Honeycutt

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One Comment

  • Sean L says:

    i have been burned several times with paid surveys and other nonsenses.
    those scams, like make $ $ $ doing nothing at all, viewing websites, scecret shoppers…etc, pls ignore it.
    Dont waste your time. let’s face it, making $ $ is that that easy.

    To me to make $ $ online, you will need a real products that you can resell them online with Ebay/Amazon.
    of course there are many other ways out there, but this is what i know and have been doing it for years.

    Where are you based?
    I buy at low price and resell them on Ebay/Amazon.
    If you are serious and based in USA, then you may pm me.

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