Selling food at a flea market, what do we need?

Question by mommiof4boiis: Selling food at a flea market, what do we need?
My husband and I would like to sell food at a flea market. The food will me cooked there, similar to a vendor. Drinks and other food items will be sold.
How do we get a license? How much is it?
Is there any other legal actions we need to take?
Please help. In detail.
Serious people please…
the 4 answers so far are vague.! If you dont know dont answer.

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Answer by dvntjester
fleas,+ food, doesn’t sound good from the onset!…

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  • Lisa C says:

    u cant sell food at a flea market

  • pikeruss says:

    Check with the property owners first. They usually keep the food concession for them self. (Good money). Than go to the town hall for your license. Equipment – you’ll have to decide at what you need. Good Luck. I was in business for 30 years loved every minute of it………

  • In the Kitchen says:

    Check with your state or local government for license rules.

    Are you selling something unique? Maybe the owner is tired of doing it or you could add to the mix? Start by talking to owners.

    You will probably have to spend some money on health dept issues.

    I bet there is an association of vendors who travel around to different events…art fairs, etc. Do some research on the internet.

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