What Items would sell good at flea markets?

Question by l3uckeyes27: What Items would sell good at flea markets?
Was thinking about mabe building bird houses and put sports team logos on them..Need some ideas!!

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Answer by datsikkidasbat

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  • snodgrassdouglas says:

    Well electronics.

  • mexi_fry_1 says:

    If you are crafty and good at building things with wood! You should try to make peoples last names out of wood somehow. Something people could like hang outside by the door identifying the house!

  • superheat25 says:

    moo moos , hats with rebal flags, balls for pick up truck , CB radios, sleeveless flannel shirts, and vegetables.

  • sexi_mami927 says:

    O goodness. you can sell anything and everything. ones persons trash is another persons treasure. sell purses and wallets and cell phones and or accessories. nick nacks, body jewerly, kids clothes and toys and activities. baby things like car seats strollers and everything else. you can go to garage sales and get things for dirt cheep and re sell at the flea market for a higher price and make a profit…. i dont think that there is anything that you cant sell at the flea market….. sell whatever and anything you can get your hands on :)

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