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FleaBusy.com is an online flea market directory which offers flea market services, internet flea market, new and used items, street vendors, and new and used merchandise in the United States. We are always busy delivering the best flea market news and deals available today.

You can search for a Flea Market in your area, and even browse the ads of the various vendors!

Everyone loves to make money and everyone loves a bargain. Making money at flea markets is a fun way to make a buck but it takes some thought and planning to be successful.

To get started making money at Flea Markets, search the FleaBusy.com directory for flea markets in your area. Your area will be limited by how far you want to travel. Check out the flea markets and determine the busiest. Walk through the flea markets and check out what is being sold. You may not want to show up to sell at a flea market and find multiple vendors with the same thing. To make money at a flea market requires creativity with your product and what you call them. If you were selling rain coats you may advertise them as Mother Nature Splash Guards. That will catch shopper’s attention. A customer may not want a rain coat but just has to have a Mother Nature Splash Guard.

Be knowledgeable about your product or products. You have a better chance of making a sale and making money if you can enlighten a potential customer about your product, especially if your product is somewhat unique. Set up your display as attractively as possible. If your table is eye catching because of neatness, you have a better chance of attracting customers.

If you’re looking for more ways to make money, be sure to read the articles on our website, watch the videos, and Post a Classified Ad on Fleabusy.com!


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